Welcome to the application page for the Pastor at our church. Before filling out an application, we strongly encourage you to learn more about our church and community through the information available on our website.

If you desire to apply for the Pastor position, please complete the digital application attached below.

Upon completion of the online application, all questions or inquiries should be directed to the pastoral search committee e-mail ( ) at First Missionary Baptist Church. Thank you for your understanding and for your interest in this position.

     The Pastor shall provide the primary leadership for First Missionary Baptist Church. He will acknowledge that his work is enabled by the Holy Spirit, supported by prayer, guided by Scripture and carried out in the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God the Father. As an overseer/shepherd, he shall provide Biblical direction and leadership so that members are built up in faith and maturity to become more like Christ.

     The Pastor shall demonstrate an authentic, God-centered life; passionate for Jesus Christ and a heart committed to share Christ with others. He shall maintain a healthy relationship with God that exemplifies a disciplined plan of personal worship to include prayer, Bible study, and financial stewardship. He shall serve as a role model of one committed to conduct their private and public life with personal integrity, love, joy, humility and holiness. We want our pastor to model healthy family priorities – he will make his family a priority. I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 shall serve as a guide to their personal behavior.

To begin the application process, please complete the digital application form below.

NOTE: Please make sure to upload  a copy of your resume, references, and a video of a sermon conducted by you.

Upon completion of the online application, all questions or inquiries should be directed to our office e-mail: